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($2.75 per min charge , minimum 20 minutes, $55)

Caring , Confidential And Accurate gifted Spiritual Counsellors to Guide you.

Diandra access code - 89101
Clairvoyant, Holistic Counsellor and Life Coach. Available 9am - 9pm most days.

Outside Australia? Credit Card Readings are still
available by ringing +61 39 444 0239 or +61 39 756 6882

Psychic Phone Readings Charged at Australian $2.75 a minute (minimum 20 minutes, $55). Psychic Readings Telephone

Australian Psychic Phone Readings and Clairvoyant Australia

There are a number of benefits of psychic phone readings. Contacting an Australian psychic will help you discover more about yourself. Clairvoyants, psychics and tarot readers in Australia can increase your inner powers and give you greater motivation and success to achieve your goals. They can also give you information on current relationships and careers, allowing you to plan for the future and get to your desired destination in life. Call today for an Australian Psychic Phone Reading, Tarot Reading or Clairvoyant Australia.

Diandra Is a natural born Clairvoyant, Qualified Life Coach & Holistic Counsellor, trained In Energy Healing ( Reiki Master, Chios Energy Healing amongst other therapies ) as well as Holistic Health and Healing. She offers Stand alone Clairvoyant Psychic Reading Sessions or an eclectic Blend of Clairvoyance, Counselling & Healing to change your life. All sessions can be arranged over 7 days to suit your Busy Schedule by Credit Card Booking 9am - 10pm ( after hours appointments can be arranged If needed ).

As with any Psychic Reading you need to be open & approach with pure Intent to achieve the best results possible. Spirit will not Information or guidance to those seeking to belittle or make Spirit perform for amusement. Spirit Is pure and helps those who also have pure hearts and Intents. Remember, we are making our quality of tomorrows by the karma we create today by all Intents of actions. Make your tomorrows Beautiful.

* We are not Doctors, Lawyers or Financial experts and although we will pass on anything given by Spirit you must always seek a Professionals Advice In any specific area required.

I have spoken with Diandra twice this year and both times have been touched by her kindness. Diandra is genuine ... you will not be throwing your money away by speaking with her. If you want to have someone work with you on the realities of life, rather than lucky numbers etc., then do not hesitate to contact her. Her advice is invaluable. Thankyou Diandra.

Lovely, polite and sweet straight away. Didn't tell me what 'everyone else' was telling me, but had the hindsight to step back and see the 'big picture' of the situation. Didn't talk in emotions - but in ways to help me see past my own emotions of the situation to what was truly happening.

I am glad I crossed my path with Diandra. I have been a very satisfied client for approximately two years now. Her precise, accurate readings, kind caring nature, professionalism, and great communication skills are amazing.

I never believed there were genuine psychics out there. Spoke to a lot who claimed to be highly accurate and not a thing happened. So sat back and waited on this reading and it all came to pass. Pretty amazed, I highly recommend Diandra to anyone who wants to know the truth.

I too have called my fair share of psychics and very quickly realised Diandra was the real deal!! Reliable readings!!

Diandra- thank you so much for your guidance and expertise. If anyone is out there looking for a compassionate and accurate reader- call this women. She is amazing.

Diandra is great, she really helped to give me guidance in my love life and just my life in general. I highly recommend her and I will tell my friends to phone her.